Maxx Seating offers the following limited warranty on the product it manufactures to the original purchaser as long as the product is maintained and operated under normal conditions:

  • Chair Frame and Back Support – Five (5) years on chair frame and back support.
  • Wood – Five (5) years on wood.
  • Foam – Five (5) years on foam.
  • Swivels and gas cylinders – Two (2) years on swivels and glides.

Warranty on products not manufactured by Maxx Seating (included without limitation to upholstery material) is not covered by Maxx Seating; but is governed solely by the guarantees or warranties, if any, by the manufacturer.   Maxx Seating will accept not responsibility for the durability of Customer’s Own Material (COM).           

Maxx Seating will replace or repair defective furniture covered by this warranty during the above stated periods, provided the customer notifies Maxx Seating within 30 days of the discovery of a defect and the furniture or defective portion is returned promptly as directed, charges prepaid.   In no event shall liability under this warranty exceed the original purchase price of defective furniture. Remove defective and damaged products from use immediately.

Immediate written notification is required and instructions will be sent to you covering the return.  Merchandise returned without written notification will be refused.   No deductions for repairs in the field will be allowed without specific written authorization.

This warranty does not apply to furniture damaged by accident, abuse, neglect or misuse, nor does it apply if repairs are attempted by purchaser or by anyone other than an authorized Maxx Seating employee or Maxx Seating factory. 

Maxx Seating products are manufactured for indoor use only. Failure to comply with the requirements will void this warranty.

Maxx Seating Products exposed to harsh cleaning agents will void this warranty.

Maxx Seating reserves the right at any moment and without notice to make modifications to its products. Maxx Seating also reserves the right to make changes to the product at any time without any obligation to make equivalent revisions and/or modifications on previously produced products.

This warranty replaces all other warranties, expressed or implied, and we neither assume nor authorize any person to assume for us any obligation of liability in connections with our products.

Warranty may be voided if proper maintenance procedures are not followed.