Welcome to Maxx Seating!  A union between two respected companies in the seating industry, Seating Concepts and MLP Seating, both with a history of offering quality products, best in class service, and competitive pricing.

We have combined MLP’s industry knowledge in gaming and hospitality with Seating Concepts’ manufacturing, product development, and engineering capabilities – to create a new standard for your seating needs…Maxx Seating.

Manufactured in the USA

Maxx Seating is an American manufacturer with over 200,000 sq.ft. of manufacturing space focused on creating products of the highest comfort and quality.

With our team of dedicated and talented employees, Maxx Seating provides a customer experience that is unique in the industry. It is this commitment to service that keeps our customers coming back. Maxx Seating is reliable, responsible, and customer-focused.

Maxx Seating manufactures the highest-quality performance seating for the gaming and hospitality industries.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Maxx Seating products combine comfort, function, and innovative design.

Gaming Seating

Maxx Seating’s gaming seating provides exceptional comfort for extended use.

With ergonomic seating made from the highest quality injection-molded foam, our products provide ultimate support and comfort while maintaining lasting durability and resiliency.

A multidisciplinary team of Designers and Engineers collaborate to ensure our products will endure even the most demanding of environments, while maintaining a polished esthetic that will compliment any gaming space.

Maxx Seating offers a variety of casino seating options: poker seating, table games, dealer seating, and slot seating.

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